Monday, June 20, 2016

Mamba Above Ground Pool Suction Side Cleaner by Aqua Products (priced under $100)

 The Aqua Products Mamba Automatic Pool Cleaner is made for an above ground pool. I wouldn't purchase this cleaner for an in-ground plaster pool but it would be okay for an in-ground fiberglass or vinyl pool. The Mamba is a very good suction side cleaner and is priced under $100, giving it an outstanding price point.

The Mamba comes with 32 feet of hoses which is good for most above ground pools. It is also designed to work off of low suction so it will do fine with a pool with a smaller pump. It is a really light cleaner but it is made out of durable material and the parts are well made also.

The reason I would not recommend it for a plaster or Pebble Tec pool is because if it gets caught in the step area, the bouncing motion will cause it to rub right trough the plastic tubes. I think at one time Aqua Products did market it for every pool type but were getting bad reviews and warranty returns due to this. I know on their website listing it says it is okay for Cement pools but when I spoke with the manufacturer they confirmed that it is only for a Vinyl or Fiberglass pool.

It operates much like the familiar Kreepy Krualy with a Hammer/Flapper in the mouth of the cleaner. This allows it to pick up sizable debris in the pool. So much so that the earlier version would have large debris caught at the top of the cleaner – which until this redesign was impossible to remove. Now there is a plastic window that you can unscrew to remove any stuck debris. A worthy upgrade for such a low priced cleaner.

The Mamba is a suction side cleaner so it connects to either your skimmer or vacuum port and runs off of your existing pool pump.

The Mamba will clean the walls in most pools up to the tile line. It is a bouncing type cleaner so it is great for a pool with a lot of surface debris. The bouncing motion will help knock debris down to the pool bottom to be vacuumed up. I suggest a canister also for the cleaner – to prevent the pump from being clogged up with debris. It uses universal hoses so any canister will work.

The Mamba comes with a one year warranty and you couldn't expect more for a cleaner priced under $100. The hose are surprisingly thick and they appear to be very durable.

If you have an above ground pool or a vinyl in ground pool, the Mamba is worth a look. It is a good cleaner with a great price point.

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