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Power Vac PV2100 Portable Professional Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner

If I say "Appomattox Court House," would you know what I was referring to? Some might know that this is where General Lee surrendered the Southern Army to General Grant. This is a common mistake pool manufacturers make when they try to market their products. If I told 100 pool guys starting out in the business to define the "Power Vac PV2100 Portable Professional Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner," chances are those that could answer this would be about the same percentage who would know what happened at the "Appmattox Court House."

So I will unpack the Power Vac model PV2100 for you in this article so you will know exactly what it is and why I would highly recommend it to you.

In the video below I liken the Power Vac PV2100 to a Robotic Pool Cleaner, a portable pool pump, a manual vacuum and a Leafbagger. So let me explain this in some detail. The Power Vac is similar to a Robotic cleaner in that it operates with a powerful motor and propeller - 35 lb. of thrust. It also uses a cord but it is not plugged into an outlet but into a 12V 35AH battery. The Power Vac is like a portable pool pump as it works independent from the pools filtration system. However, water is not expelled from the pool, it just works separate from the pool equipment. It is like a manual pool vacuum since you move it around the pool in much the same way, vacuuming up leaves, sand. dirt and debris. And it is like a Leafbagger as it has a large capacity bag on top and can pick up very large debris. But no garden hose is needed and the Power Vac is much more powerful. So imagine all four of these products in one machine and you will have a good idea of what the Power Vac PV2100 is all about.

POWER VAC PV2100 review video:

The Power Vac PV2100 is a great way to maximize your time out in the field. You simply plug it into the battery, drop it in the pool and start vacuuming. The PV2100 is sold as a portable vacuum and no cart is needed. You simple need to carry the battery and the Power Vac back to the pool and that is it. The battery case in this video with the Power Sonic battery came in at 24 lbs. with the Power Vac weighing 14 lbs. Not too heavy and after a few pools you get used to it. You can also order a cart if you prefer.

This thing is amazingly powerful and using the Power Vac will cut your pool cleaning time dramatically. I was able to vacuum pools out at amazing speeds. And the Power Vac picks up everything in the pool. If you want to pick up algae dust or D.E. you will need to order those bags separate. But the two bags that come with it are sufficient for most pools.

The only additional items you will need are a 12V 35Ah "Absorbed glass mat" (AGM) Battery or "Gel" Battery and a charger for the battery. You can find the links for them on my website:!power-vac-/c1jil

On one battery charge:

I wanted to see how many pools I could vacuum on one charge and the last clip in the video is of the Power Vac in the last pool - still working fine - although the bag is a was sagging a little but this thing had a workout over two days:

15,000 gallon pool
30,000 gallon pool
24,000 gallon pool
35,000 gallon pool
15,000 gallon pool
30,000 gallon pool
18,000 gallon pool
35,000 gallon pool
25,000 gallon pool
20,000 gallon pool

So it went through ten pool, most of them the largest on my pool route and still has a pretty  good charge left. It was down to 12% when I connected it to my charger. The battery life of the PV2100 should be sufficient for most pool routes.

POWER VAC PV2100 set up video:

Here are some of the good points for you:

It is super powerful and can pick up not only leaves and twigs but rocks as well.
The battery will last about 3 hours so plenty of time for most pool routes
It is portable so no cart is needed
The cord is 40 ft long so plenty for almost all pools
The cleaning area is very wide and this will speed up your cleaning time
This thing is built to last and is very durable.
There are many bag choices and one that filters down to 15 microns (about what a cartridge filter would filter down to).
The price without the cart is affordable.

The Power Vac PV2100 would be a great investment for any pool service company and a real game changer for many. Check out their website for more information and where to buy.

Power Vac PV2100 Debris:

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  1. Late to the party but have been checking out your vids a while. I've put 5 years and a lot of miles on my Power Vac, and it is powerhouse. There are parts that fail (wheels, plug ends, flap, etc) but replacements aren't hugely overpriced. In fact, with a little creativity, most parts can be swapped for "off-brand" parts, saving the user literally hundreds of dollars. I'm shopping for a second Power Vac now, and will likely invest in the cart this time (for my new hire), but it's totally unnecessary if you don't mind the muscle burn at the end of a long day.

    Keep up the great work!