Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Pool Vacuum Systems & Portable Filtration Systems

I will be discussing the differences between the Pool Vacuum Systems and the Portable Filtration Systems that I use on my pool route. These systems are designed to save you time and energy and to make your day a lot easier. Below will be a description of each system for you.

The Pool Vacuum Systems are designed to pick up very large leaf debris very rapidly. There are several on the market, but the two that I use and really like are the Power Vac & the Riptide. Basically they use a 30 lb. thrust motor to spin a propeller type blade on top and the force of the motor picks up just about everything on the bottom of a pool. To give you an idea of how powerful the motors are on these systems, a 30 lb. motor can power a small boat.

All of the debris will be trapped in the large bag on top of the vacuum. The bags will also trap dirt down to about 100 microns and the Power Vac has a bag that traps down to 60 microns, the Riptide a 75 micron bag. To give you an idea what size a 100 microns is, a human hair is about 100 microns wide. So a 100 micron particle is tiny, but some dust will still pass thru the bags with these Systems.

They are powered by a Deep Cycle AH battery that is attached to the cart. Both Power Vac and Riptide make a unit with a battery case so you can use these without a cart if needed. This is a great option for the homeowner or hotel/resort manager who just needs the system for one pool. Depending on the battery size you can get hours of use between charges. With a 100AH battery you can vacuum for 8 hours and with the 35AH battery that will go into the battery case, about 3 hours of vacuuming time.

I like these systems because they operate separate from the pools filtration system which means all of the dirt and debris will not enter the pump or filter keeping the pool system clean. These are also a great time saver as they pick up piles of very large debris very rapidly. For the time and energy savings alone, these systems are worth the investment.

You can also connect these units onto the back of your truck with the included transport rack. I would highly recommend a pool Vacuum System, especially if your area has a lot of leaf debris and wind. Once you use one you will wonder how you ever survived without it.

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The Portable Filtration Systems are just what the name implies. These are basically your pool pump and filter on a dolly that you can wheel out to the deck and use to vacuum out a pool. You would simply wheel this out to the pool side, plug it in and manually vacuum out your pool just as if you were using the pool filtration system.

Since the Portable Filtration Systems are self contained, they work independently from your pool filter and pump. All of the dirt and debris will be trapped in the cartridge filter on top. This cartridge filter will filter dirt down to 20 microns. To give you and idea how small 20 microns is, Pollen is 30-50 microns in size. So these systems will trap very fine particles while you vacuum and leave your pool spotless.

Featured here are the PORTAVAC and the Mini Vac II by Advantage Manufacturing. These are hand made here in the USA in Santa Ana California. I have personally toured the facility and saw first hand the filters and dolly being welded and built. This is the premiere Portable Filtration System that comes equipped with a portable GFI, water proof on/off switch and the ability to order one custom made to your needs. Want a 1.5 hp pump on the Mini Vac II or a 100 sq. ft. filter on the PORTAVAC, they can do it. It comes with 35 feet of cord but they can customize one for you with 100 feet of cord if you like.

These are a great way to clean a pool with poor running equipment, pools that get a lot of dirt week to week, pool start ups, pool clean ups, hotel and resort pools and many more great applications.

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I also wanted to show you the Pool Service Cart. This can be used to transport all of your manual vacuuming equipment and chemicals back to a service account. It also connects to the back of your truck with a hitch. At the minimum I suggest investing in one of these service carts. Although it uses the pools existing filtration system is it a great time and energy saver and makes your day faster and easier. You can learn more about Pool Service Carts here:

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